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Referral Partner ProgramEarn residual income and other benefits for referring people.

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A mutually rewarding relationship.

Who do you know that owns or manages a business? Would they benefit from having a great online presence, more customers and sales?

Reward yourself and your organization for bringing new customers to Ripe. Our referral partners enjoy excellent commissions and extensive training support from us when needed. We are committed to building referral relationships with organizations wanting a mutually rewarding partnership where everyone wins. As we are equally committed toward your success, we limit the number of partners in any niche within specific geographical areas to ensure ongoing achievement.

Our referral program is totally straighforward: For every client you refer and we close, you receive up to 5% of retail value on any services they purchase under their initial service contract. There’s no limit to how many clients you can refer.

How much can you earn? Other questions? See our FAQ section below.

Referral Program Benefits

Earning referral commissions isn’t the only benefit to partnering with Ripe. You can apply those earnings to receive our marketing services for FREE! It also increases your value to your own customers, which promotes trust and loyalty. Additionally, become a Premier Partner and we’ll feature your company on our website and publish a blog post about your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Ripe referral partner?

The first step in becoming a referral partner is to fill out the application form to the right of this text (or below, on mobile devices).

Who is eligible for a Ripe referral partnership?

Our referral program is available to any individuals or organizations that wish to promote Ripe and profit at the same time.

Who can I refer?

Who do you know that owns or manages a business? These can be friends or family members, or people in your community (like places you shop). If you own a B2B business, these could be your clients. Would that person/business benefit from having more customers and more sales?

How do I refer people?

It’s easy! You just need to determine whether they have a need for our services and complete a few simple steps. After you’ve signed up to be a referral partner, we’ll send you some specific instructions for how to refer people.

How much can I earn?

The short answer: A LOT. You receive up to 5% of the total amount of the sale for your referred client’s initial service contract (minus setup fee), for their entire first year with Ripe. To get an idea of how much this could be, check out this sample proposal for a medium-sized service contract.

How do I get paid?

You’re paid electronically via PayPal. When the sale is closed, we send you a confirmation email with your payment schedule. Once the client has sent payment, we pay you immediately.

Can I really earn FREE marketing services?

Absolutely. If you need online marketing for your own business, this is a no-brainer. And if your referral commissions are greater than the cost of our services, then basically, we’ll be paying you for our services!

Do you also partner with my competitors?

We are committed to achieving mutual success, so we limit the number of partners in any niche within specific geographical areas to ensure you are winning with us.

My company provides some of the same services as Ripe. Is there a conflict of interest?

We agree to never step on your toes and sell your clients any services we offer which may overlap with ours (such as web design, social media services, etc.) unless you give us explicit permission. However, you won’t be eligible to be a Premier Partner. But you will still earn substantial recurring commissions through our program!

Is there any limit to how many clients I can refer?

Nope. Refer away!

What is a Premier Partner?

Premier Partners refer a minimum of 5 clients per month. We feature your logo in the “Premier Partners” section on our website, linking back to yours.

How do I become a Premier Partner?

To unlock Premier Partner status, you just need to refer a minimum of 5 new clients (must close) per month for 2 consecutive months.

Have another question?

Give us a call (844) 2GO-RiPE

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