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Google Introduces New Gmail Mic Drop Feature

Have you ever had a discussion with someone where it was plainly obvious that you were right, yet they continued to try and argue their opinion?

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What Business Owners Can Learn from the 2014 Winter Olympics

All eyes are on you when you are holding the biggest event on the planet. That is a lot of pressure…so don’t screw it up or new hashtags will be created in your honor. Russia is the latest victim

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Buy Boobs, not Yelp Reviews.

Since October of 2012, Yelp has been turning up the heat on businesses using fake online reviews to attract and mislead consumers. The number of business being slapped with fraud alerts has gone from 8 in 2012 to 285 so far in 2014. In the past six months…

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Is Pinterest competing to become the “next” Google?

Pinterest recently announced a new feature that will make it easy for foodies to search the Social Media site for relevant recipes. Recipes have become one of the most shared and searched pins and now you can search based off of particular ingredients and specific filters, such as

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Facebook vs. China – who wins?

Facebook is kicking China’s arse in the race for biggest population and may walk out with the “Gold” medal by 2015. This is no big surprise since Facebook just turned 10 and aside from the expected temper tantrums and

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